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At Nelson Kirkman, we serve clients in Newport Beach and Orange County by providing legal counsel backed by more than 50 collective years of experience. Our highly rated staff includes board-certified family law specialists and attorneys selected for inclusion in California Super Lawyers. If you need an attorney to advocate for your rights in a spousal support (alimony) dispute, we are prepared to assist you.

What Is Spousal Support?

The terms alimony and spousal support are often used interchangeably. California uses the term spousal support to define the financial support paid from one former spouse to another during or after a divorce.

What Happens If Alimony Is Not Being Paid In California?

You have several options if your ex is not honoring the court order to pay spousal support. This could include wage garnishment, which removes money from one person’s wages and transfers it to your account. Other incentives include suspending the nonpaying spouse’s driver’s license or holding them in contempt of court.

How Can Finding Hidden Assets Affect Spousal Support Payments?

If your ex hid cash or other assets, they may owe you much more in spousal support than you are currently receiving. You could petition the court for a modification of your existing spousal support order to recover a higher monthly financial support payment. Your ex could even have to pay you the money that they cheated you out of by hiding assets. You should speak with attorneys like ours who can answer your questions about how best to uncover diverted or misappropriated assets.

The Types Of Spousal Support Matters Nelson Kirkman Can Assist With

California has two types of spousal support:

  • Temporary support: One spouse pays the other financial support before the court issues a permanent order.
  • Long-term support: One spouse pays the other financial support as stipulated in a court-ordered spousal support arrangement.

Alimony is rarely permanent. It is meant to help the dependent spouse get back on their feet or establish their own career. If your life circumstances change substantially, you can petition the court for a modification to your order.

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