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Navigating Child Custody And Parenting Law For Newport Beach Parents

Nothing is more important to you than your children. We understand. At Nelson Kirkman, we work with parents like you in Newport Beach, Orange County and the surrounding communities to assist with child custody and visitation challenges.

The Different Types Of Child Custody Arrangements In California

Family law courts in California recognize two types of custody:

  • Legal: The right to make major decisions regarding the child’s upbringing.
  • Physical: Where the child resides.

Parents may have sole legal or physical custody as well as joint legal or physical custody.

Child Custody For Unmarried Parents In California

If a couple is not married, the state does not consider the man the child’s biological father unless he signs the birth certificate or a voluntary declaration of paternity. This means that fathers do not have right to custody or parenting time unless they establish paternity. The same goes for fathers or mothers who wish to receive child support. Our lawyers regularly handle family law issues involving parentage and can help you with this process.

How Does Domestic Violence Affect Child Custody?

Judges will not hesitate to withhold physical custody and parenting time from parents accused of domestic abuse – especially if the abuse involved violence against the child. Parents of either gender convicted of child abuse very rarely receive unsupervised time with their children. A mere accusation, even if unfounded, can also put a parent’s rights in jeopardy. Whether you need to shield your child from their abusive parent or you need to protect your rights when accused, we know how to help you.

How An Orange County Child Custody Lawyer Can Assist With Your Case

The family law system is immensely complex. If you do not have an attorney to advocate for you, you stand to lose precious time with your children. Our custody attorneys have helped thousands of parents with challenges related to:

Our team’s considerable family law and divorce law experience helps us approach each case with an eye toward negotiation or mediation. As necessary, we also litigate custody and parenting time disputes in court. We are here to answer your questions about custody and visitation and guide you through the process.

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