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At Nelson Kirkman, our family law attorneys bring decades of combined experience to conclude your divorce as rapidly and as amicably as possible. From day one, we prepare for trial. We negotiate from a place of strength as our adversaries fear opposing us. But when it becomes necessary, we will be your fiercest advocates in court, fighting to get you the best results.

Family Law Specialist​s

Legal specialization for family law is a unique designation created by The California State Bar to increase public protection and encourage attorney competence to protect you and your family. Based in Orange County, California, we specialize in complex family law litigation.

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Meet Your Legal Dream Team

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Paul Nelson, Esq.
Graham D. Kirkman, Esq.
Morgan Levanger, Esq.
Jessica Ball, Esq.

“Even If Your Marriage Is Bad, Your Divorce Doesn’t Have To Be.”

It Starts With A Meeting

Yes, we want to know the facts of your case. But we also want to get to know you. Your goals. Your needs. Your concerns. Your tolerances. This way we can determine if we’re the best possible fit.

Set Realistic Expectations

The speed and terms of your divorce will be determined by the size and scope of your estate, as well as the number and ages of your children, if any. We will prepare you to face the challenges ahead.

Understand Your Rights — And Responsibilities

California divorce law can be complex. It’s important to know your rights as well as what will be demanded of you as your divorce proceeds.

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We will fight to protect your interests and ensure your rights and property are protected to the fullest under the law.

Focused On You​

Our award-winning team keeps you informed at every step to minimize costs and reduce emotional distress.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

We will guide you through your divorce with strength, professional competence, and compassion. To set up an initial consultation, call 949-430-6952 or fill out our online contact form.