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More Than 25 Years Of Experience Handling Child Support Solutions

Child support is often one of the most difficult family law concerns to resolve. Fortunately, our family lawyers at Nelson Kirkman have more than five decades collectively of handling amicable and high-conflict child support cases alike. Serving the Orange County metro area, we are prepared to facilitate collaborative child support negotiations or advocate for you tenaciously in a California family court.

What Is Child Support?

Child support refers to the legal obligation of one parent to pay the other parent financial support to provide for the needs of their child. Parents have the option of negotiating an agreement regarding child support payments without going to court. If parents disagree on child support, they may have to go to trial in which a judge issues a final decision.

Can Spousal Support Payments Affect The Amount Of Child Support?

When issuing a child support order, the court primarily considers each parent’s income and each parent’s time spent with the child according to the custody and parenting time order. If one parent also requires spousal support, the amount of spousal support will usually decrease as the amount of child support increases.

The Benefits Of Hiring An Orange County Child Support Attorney

If you are concerned about getting financial support for your child, our family law attorneys fight for the highest amount possible. If paying child support may put a financial strain on you, we fight to ensure the amount of support is fair and leaves you financially secure. You can turn to us with your questions and receive accurate, frank answers. Our team also regularly petitions for modifications to existing court orders. In every case we handle, our lawyers shoulder the legal burden so you can focus on what is most important: raising your children.

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