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Do you need the help of a forensic accountant during divorce? January 30, 2018 by Paul J. Nelson, Esq

In  most divorces, the two most difficult areas to resolve are child  custody and asset division. The more marital assets a couple has accrued  over the years, the more difficult it can become to fairly divide those assets.  Certain assets may prove more difficult to locate or place a value on,  while confusion about marital versus separate property could result in  incomplete asset inventories going to the courts.

If you have any  reason to think that your spouse may have hidden assets in the weeks or  months leading up to your divorce filing, you need to protect yourself.  Hiding assets in an attempt to prevent splitting them with a spouse is a  very common practice. Due to their nature, it can be quite difficult to  track down hidden assets. For many, working with a forensic accountant  is the best option when there's potential for hidden assets in a  divorce.