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Last updated on June 13, 2024

Since filing a late-in-life divorce petition often introduces complex financial and emotional issues, it is imperative to protect your rights.

The board-certified family law specialists with Nelson Kirkman offer protection, counsel and support. Our lawyers provide Newport Beach and Orange County, California, residents with an aggressive, trial-ready approach. Let our experience and expertise help you obtain a fair divorce settlement.

What Is Gray Divorce?

The term refers to the increasing divorce rate among older couples (50 and up) in long-lasting marriages. It is often associated with spouses who drift apart or have different visions for their retirement years.

Why Is Gray Divorce On The Rise In California?

The rise in the gray divorce rate in California is driven by various social and economic factors. They include:

  • Financial independence: Many older individuals have achieved financial self-sufficiency, making it easier to end unsatisfying marriages.
  • Changing social attitudes: Today, divorce is less stigmatized, allowing older people to pursue happiness outside of marriage.
  • Empty nest syndrome: Couples may realize they have grown apart and decide to part ways once their children leave home.

With legal support and guidance, your transition to your next chapter can be smooth, regardless of your reason for divorce.

Does Spousal Support End When You Retire?

In California, you must petition the court to reduce or end your spousal support once you retire. It is not automatic, but the court will generally take your reduced income into account.

Do You Have To Split Your Social Security Benefits In A Gray Divorce?

Social Security benefits are not subject to property division in a California divorce. However, if a marriage lasted at least 10 years, one party might be eligible for a spousal benefit on the other party’s Social Security.

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