Choosing the right attorney for you!

Choosing the right attorney for you!

What is the difference between expert family law attorneys and ….not so expert?

When you need heart surgery you choose a heart specialist to perform your life saving operation. Just as you choose a Doctor who specializes in a certain area of medicine - you should choose a lawyer who has been certified by the State Bar of California as Specialists in the field of divorce and matrimonial law. You will quickly learn if your attorney has the key qualities to help you….if they have:

Extensive experience in courtroom litigation.

Expert divorce attorneys know their way around the courts. Sometimes it IS better to litigate rather than settle for less. Litigation experience cannot be read in a book or watched on TV- it comes through preparation for dozens of trials, putting on evidence and expert cross examination.

Knowledge of the California Rules of Court and the Evidence Code are key to successfully putting on YOUR case.

only pursues litigation that is necessary.

As you can imagine, we sit in courtrooms daily and watch novice, unprepared attorneys trying to put on a case before a seasoned and knowledgeable judge. This is real life “mano a mano” and the results are final. No do-overs (excepting appeals), no I wish I would haves….Just calling your first witness.

One of our toughest family law judges, we have seen in 25 years, would see attorneys crumble when called to “Put on your first witness!” One of our best settlement strategies is to show up prepared for battle…trial.

communication, communication, communication.

Just as real estate is location, location, location - effective divorce attorneys communicate the stakes and the odds to their clients. How can YOU choose to litigate or settle an issue if you don’t understand it? We explain your options in plain English so you, our employer, can decide.

when to litigate and when to settle? avoiding the costs of needless litigation.

We believe that Ben Franklin was onto something with his pro’s and con’s list. I have seen attorneys spend and parties both spend $ thousands to gain $ hundreds. Sometimes it can be that simple. With an expert on your side we can come to the correct conclusion together.